Our minds are a very powerful tool in helping us achieve our goals. Through our Hypnosis session we are able to embed positive behavioural changes that you would like to achieve.  Perhaps it is  to become a non smoker or do you require assistance in releasing extra weight?  Perhaps you understand that you have a self limiting belief that is causing you to self sabotage and keep you from your goals? Sessions can be crafted to address all of this.  You are always 100% aware of what is happening around you during our process and at no time during this session will you be instructed to act against your will. Using the Krasner method of hypnosis I craft, after a detailed interview with you, a customized session to address your desired outcome.  Most behaviors can be greatly improved with one session, however certain deeply embedded beliefs may require additional sessions.   Should you have more then 1 behaviour that you would like to change via Hypnosis we will address one at a time and develop a customized solution to ensure we have addressed all of your needs.

The important thing to understand with hypnosis is you must want to achieve the outcome. Merely stating you want to achieve a result without the desire to truly change the behaviour will often negate the results of the session.  Please note that I have  a duty of care to ensure that what you would like to address  is actually in your best interest and I have the right to decline sessions if it is felt that it may cause long term harm to yourself, community or society as a whole.

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